Betting on the Chicago White Sox

Betting on the Chicago White Sox
Jul 31, 2022; Chicago, Illinois, USA; Chicago White Sox relief pitcher Liam Hendriks (31) reacts after securing their 4-1 win against the Oakland Athletics at Guaranteed Rate Field. Mandatory Credit: Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

Betting on the Chicago White Sox in the state of Illinois is completely legal, and this is a popular professional team in the state. This article will cover how to bet on the Chicago White Sox and also explain where these bets can be made.

The Chicago White Sox are the second-most popular Major League Baseball team in Illinois, but they still have a massive following throughout the state of Illinois. There are plenty of betting options when it comes to the White Sox, and plenty of sportsbooks that accept these wagers.

Baseball betting might not be popular everywhere, but the White Sox attract plenty of action.

Chicago White Sox Profile

The Chicago White Sox are one of the oldest professional baseball teams in the United States as they were founded all the way back in 1900. Chicago entered the league as the White Stockings and they joined the American League in 1901, and still play their games in that league.

The last World Series championship for Chicago came back in 2005, the third of three World Series titles in team history. This is a team that is poised for success in the future, and they could have a shot at winning the title in 2022.

Chicago is one of only three cities with two teams in MLB.

In Illinois, the White Sox are secondary to the Cubs, but they have a massive following on the South Side. The White Sox play in the AL Central Division, and one of their top rivals is the Minnesota Twins.

The White Sox play home games at Guaranteed Rate Field on the south side of Chicago. Chicago’s AL franchise made the playoffs in 2020 and 2021, but lost in the first round each season (to the Oakland A’s in two games and Houston Astros in four games respectively).

  • Team Record in 2021-22 as of July 25: 48-48
  • Futures Odds on Team Championship in 2022: (+4500) at FanDuel Sportsbook
  • League/Division: American League, Central Division
  • Key Rivals: Minnesota Twins, Kansas City Royals, Detroit Tigers, Cleveland Guardians
  • Key Players: SS Tim Anderson, 1B Jose Abreu, P Michael Kopech, OF Andrew Vaughn
  • Manager: Tony La Russa

Is Betting On the White Sox Legal In Illinois?

There are some interesting and restrictive sports betting laws in Illinois, but those rules don’t apply to the Chicago White Sox. You can find places to wager in-person and online sports betting on White Sox games is also available.

Since the White Sox are a professional team, sportsbooks really have a ton of freedom when choosing what betting markets to feature. You can make the basic pre-game wagers on the White Sox or you can also make prop bets.

Which Online Sports Betting Sites Offer White Sox Betting?

If you are wondering where can I bet on the White Sox online, then here are your top choices:

  • Barstool Sportsbook
  • BetMGM Sportsbook
  • BetRivers Sportsbook
  • Caesars Sportsbook
  • DraftKings Sportsbook
  • FanDuel Sportsbook
  • PointsBet Sportsbook

Do all Illinois sportsbooks offer betting on Chicago White Sox?

There isn’t a law that says that all Illinois sportsbooks have to offer betting on the Chicago White Sox, but that is definitely the case in Illinois. Illinois has plenty of professional sports teams, and you can find some great betting options on all of those teams.

Popular bets available on Chicago White Sox

After you have answered the question of where can I bet on the Chicago White Sox, the next step is figuring out the best betting options that are available to you. Baseball is a bit different than other sports, and you will find some unique betting options.

Here are four of the top ways to bet on the Chicago White Sox that you will find:

At FanDuel Sportsbook, you can bet on the White Sox at +1700 to win the American League pennant. This is an example of a futures bet.

The Chicago White Sox are -145 for a July matchup at Coors Field against the Colorado Rockies. This moneyline (betting on the White Sox to win the game outright) option can be found at PointsBet Sportsbook.

DraftKings Sportsbook is another great option for betting on the White Sox and MLB in general, and you can make prop bets there. You can make a bet on Tim Anderson to record a hit at -180 against the Rockies in the same July matchup as mentioned above.

BetRivers covers a lot of local betting action in Chicago. If you are looking to make a run line bet then you can bet on the White Sox at -1.5 (+110) to beat the Colorado Rockies by two runs.

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How Do I Calculate Chicago White Sox Odds?

You will find White Sox odds offered in a number of different formats, and it’s important to figure out what these betting odds and lines mean. To help explain how to read the odds on MLB games, we will use an example of a game between the Chicago White Sox and Minnesota Twins.

Here are how those odds and lines might look at the sportsbook:

  • Chicago White Sox -145 -1.5 (+125) Over/Under 9.5 Runs (-110)
  • Minnesota Twins +175 +1.5 (-225 Over/Under 9.5 Runs (-110)


The moneyline odds are usually the first thing that you will see listed when looking at an MLB matchup. In the scenario above, the White Sox are the betting favorites at -145 and the Minnesota Twins are at +175.

If you are going to bet on the White Sox then you would need to wager $145 to win $100. You could also bet on the underdog Twins at +175 and a $100 bet would net a win of $175.

Point Spread

A Chicago White Sox spread is going to be an option when betting on baseball, but it’s actually called the run line. Run line betting usually has lines set at 1.5 runs for each team in an MLB game, and the odds can really change if you are making this type of bet.

In the example above, if you are taking the White Sox at -1.5 then you could actually bump up your payout to $125 if you believe they will win by at least two runs.


Totals betting is a great option for betting on any sport, and that includes MLB and the White Sox. This is a betting option in which you don’t even have to pick the team that wins the game, but you are instead focusing on the total number of runs.

In the example above, the over/under is set at 9.5 total runs, and the betting lines are set at -110 for each side of that bet. If the White Sox and Twins combine for at least 10 runs, then the over would hit, but nine runs or less would have the under as the winner.


Prop betting will be available for Chicago White Sox games as well, and this is where you will really see odds and betting lines that are all over the place. Prop betting lines will look similar to what you see with moneyline odds, as they can really be anything.

You will find both player and team prop bets available when it comes to White Sox games and all of the sportsbooks can have different options available.


One of the top futures markets that you will see for the Chicago White Sox is a bet on winning the AL Central Division. All five of the teams in the division will be listed, and the odds tell you how much money can be won.

Entering the 2022 All Star Break, the White Sox had odds set at +155 to win the AL Central. This means that a $100 bet would come with a payout of $155.

Live Betting

Live betting is a way to make a bet while the White Sox are in action, and you can find the same basic betting options as listed above. The live betting odds are going to be set based on what is taking place in the game, and you won’t have a ton of time to react before submitting a wager.

Just like with betting on other White Sox bets, the odds and betting lines will tell you how much money you can win if your wager is successful.

How Do I Bet On the World Series?

The World Series remains one of the biggest sporting events in the world, and this is the final baseball series of the year. The winners of the American League and National League meet up for a best-of-seven showdown to determine the league champion.

The last World Series title for the White Sox came all the way back in 2005, and they haven’t really been a threat to win it since. The Atlanta Braves are the last World Series winners, winning it in 2021.

The New York Yankees have won the most World Series championships in league history, accomplishing the feat 27 times. To put that in perspective, the White Sox have just three championships in over 120 years of baseball.

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